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  • GN2000 Mono (QD, Kabel)
  • GN2000 Mono (QD, Kabel)
CHF 99.80
Jabra GN2000 Mono (QD, Kabel)



Ø 5.0 von 5 Sternen

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1 Bewertung zu Jabra GN2000 Mono (QD, Kabel)

User stephane.messerli
GN2000 Mono (QD, Kabel)

I bought this headset (as well as the binaural ver...

I bought this headset (as well as the binaural version) for a Meridian phone and I'm very happy with it.
Before that I tried Ovislink models, cheaper, but which broke after only a couple of weeks (very poor plastic quality).

This Jabra one is sturdy, light and has a good sound quality. The microphone comes with a foam cover to cancel noise. The soft ear cushions are very comfortable.

I recommend it.


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