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Philips Series 2000

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User Anonymous

It is 5 in the morning, my wife is trying to calm down our screaming baby and I am really angry at Galaxus and Philips right now.

We use this Philips Humidifier about more than 2 years and I can assure you we were so happy with this humidifier so far it has done a really good job .

Nevertheless since Philips changed production process of the Filters it has become useless. After 2-4 Weeks of usage the device doesn't work no more, it seems that the new filters don't absorb water anymore after a short time of usage.

E.g. I started the device 7 hours ago, it is running at the highest rate but the water tank is still almost full. The humidity is not only low also is dust raised and spread out in the room because the device is basically a ventilator if the humidifying process is not working and I and my family suffer because of dry nose and stinging eyes.

We bought theses Filters, I checked, its supposed to be the correct ones.

The old ones that worked fine can't be found nomore. On Philips webside it says, these won't be produced anymore. So what are you suggesting to do? Change the Filters every 3-4 weeks? I would appreciate it a lot if you confronted Philips with this.

(Please don't let them try to convince me that our device was broke, it's not, it works fine besides the absorption process.)

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User Moira2015
User Mordogster
User MorenaMex

Guten Tag,
Welcher Filter ist genau für dieses Gerät geeignet? und wie oft muss man den wechseln?

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User nirome95
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Guten Tag

Folgender Filter Philips Filtermatte HU4102/01

je nach Benützung nach 2/3 Monaten aber man merkt es irgendwann wenn der Filter durch ist.

User Melike.23

Kann ich das auch für das Babyzimmer verwenden bei meinem Neugeborenem Baby?

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User Anonymous
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Ja, kannst du. Es ist sogar Empfehlenswert.