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AP81 Super Charge (Ladegerät, 5A)
CHF 31.90
Huawei AP81 Super Charge (Ladegerät, 5A)

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7 beantwortete Fragen zu Huawei AP81 Super Charge (Ladegerät, 5A)

User sergio1907

Passt das auch für huawei P10?

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User zuezi
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Ja, dieses SuperCharge Ladegerät funktioniert mit dem P10 (Plus). Nutze es seit einigen Wochen mit meinem P10 Plus.

User alien.rodriguez

Can this charge my Huawei P9?
If it does, is it the quick charge?

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User dubiz
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Hi alien.rodriguez,
Here are 2 answers for 2 parts of your question:

Short Answer:
Part 1-Yes this charger can charge your mobile (Huawei P9).
Part 2-No, this charger will not charge your mobile Quick.

Detailed Answer:
Your phone (Huawei P9 ) it comes with normal 5V 2A charger, However it supports quick charging feature but it is only compatible with 9V 2A charger type!

If you plan to purchase (AP81 Super Charger) to use it as a charger for your Huawei P9, then it is recommended and will be a future prove item.
If you plan to purchase (AP81 Super Charger) as upgrade to Quick charging feature to your Huawei P9 then it wont work.

Hope this answer your question, Pls let me know If you require more Info