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  • Mavic (12MP, 4K)
  • Mavic (12MP, 4K)
  • Mavic (12MP, 4K)
CHF 1079.–
Dji Mavic (12MP, 4K)

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6 beantwortete Fragen zu Dji Mavic (12MP, 4K)

User husam.ebish

Can it be used in public places absolutely free?
I ask this question because this product is banned in the Middle East and Arabs countries!

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User vlapadatescu
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If you're talking about Switzerland, yes. it can be used in public places, with some restrictions.

You can't fly next to airports (5km) , over crowds and above 500m.
You need to have a drone insurance as well.

You can use the AirMap app (or webpage) to check which areas are ok or not.