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Crystal 460X RGB (Midi Tower)
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Corsair Crystal 460X RGB (Midi Tower)

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11 beantwortete Fragen zu Corsair Crystal 460X RGB (Midi Tower)

User satnik

I did not know it had no power supply. Which do we need? Is it the Corsair RM750i??

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User thaad_pobur
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You don't 'need' to buy the RM750i - it's a great power supply, and the one I bought when I did my build - but you can choose whichever power supply you want, pretty much 99% will fit.

Be aware that most power supplies are most efficient at about 50% load, and also the more expensive power supplies are able to provide power to the system without much effort... so the fan won't even spin, giving a quieter build.

Also, there isn't a huge amount of room for cable management, so you probably want a fully modular power supply, so you don't need to find space for unnecessary cables.

I heard something the other day that your power supply should be around 10% of your total build cost. If you're putting an Intel 7700k and a GTX 1070/1080 in there, then I would say the RM750i is about right.

User jasmin.meyer04.10

Hat das Gehäuse ein CD-Laufwerk ?

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User r0bo18
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Nein, bei diesem Gehäuse hat man keine Möglichkeit ein 5.25 Zoll Laufwerk zu montieren.

User ___codmf2___

Weiss jemand wie viele Lüfter an die bereits verbaute Lüftersteuerung angeschlossen werden können?

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User morrisbrunnerb2r
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Hallo ___codmf2___ man kann noch drei weitere Lüfter anliessen das ich hoffe ich konnte dir damit weiter helfen