• SX8200 Pro (2000GB, M.2 2280)
  • SX8200 Pro (2000GB, M.2 2280)
  • SX8200 Pro (2000GB, M.2 2280)
CHF 329.–
Adata SX8200 Pro (2000GB, M.2 2280)

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15 beantwortete Fragen zu Adata SX8200 Pro (2000GB, M.2 2280)

User Anonymous
User tsakal
User OscarBaldomero
Akzeptierte Antwort

Hi I have the same Adata Flash SX8200 Pro, 2TB, M.2.228 and following your question did some speed tests on my drive using CrystalDiskMark V8.0.0.

These are the results:

Settings were for 5 passes and 1GiB

Test Read (MB/s) Write (MB/s)

SEQ1M 2950.16 2726.49

SEQ1M 2667.92 2473.37

RND4K 455.84 294.37

RND4K 55.23 158.70

User Armagedon
User martinvales
Akzeptierte Antwort

I have exactly that combination and it stays very cold even when I was copying the whole 1tb drive on it. I used delock before and that was terribly hot after a couple of minutes.