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Lenny 3 (5", 16GB, Dual SIM, 8MP, Space Grey)
CHF 99.–
Wiko Lenny 3 (5", 16GB, Dual SIM, 8MP, Space Grey)

Frage zu Wiko Lenny 3 (5", 16GB, Dual SIM, 8MP, Space Grey)

User Brimstone

Well, just like on PC you have to distinguish between storage memory and main memory (RAM). 16GB are for storage, where also Android is installed. The 1GB is RAM, used for computing and handling all the different tasks currently in use on your phone.

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User paolo.ceppi

I do already own a Lenny 2 - happy with it but if I look into "Settings - Storage" I see only one figure:
- "Phone storage" saying "Total space 2.11GB" ("Available 337MB"). Is this FLASH memory ("storage") or is this RAM ("for computing and handling...")?
So is this 2.11GB (Lenny2) to be compared to 16GB in Lenny3 (8x larger) or is it to be compared to 1GB (half)?
Once clarified what - what is, where can I find the missing second figure in my Lenny2?

User Brimstone

The Lenny 2 should have 8GB of Flash memory/storage, of which approx. 5.6Gb are available for storage and other apps. You are probably looking at the system partition from the size of it (2.4GB). The Lenny 2 also has 1GB of RAM, just like the Lenny 3. With a microSD card you can extend the storage memory on the Lenny 2 up to an additional 64GB by the way. To check all specs of your phone download the App "System Info" or similar from the PlayStore. The RAM might show as a bit smaller though.

User paolo.ceppi

Thanks for the hint "System Info". I userd 2 of them. Here the results.
"Smart System Info": RAM free 161/714MB; Device free 357/2'208MB
"Quick System Info": Memory Total: 714MB, Free 150MB, Idle 28.8MB
Internal Storage: Free: 358MB, Total: 2.16GB
System Storage: Free: 156MB, Total: 1.07GB
No 8GB in view! Any comment?
MicroSD is showing up correctly: Free 14.08GB.
My questioning is because I feel short on memory. I would purchase the Lenny 3 only being sure to have more internal memory.


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