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Fly 3
CHF 81.80
Blackstar Fly 3

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User Brimstone
 Akzeptierte Antwort

No, this is the normal version. The bluetooth version is called "Blackstar Fly 3 Bluetooth".
The DC-Adapter is not included and is sold separately. -> Blackstar Power Supply Unit for FLY 3

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User lgartenmann

This product is falsly linked in toppreise.ch to the bluetooht version.
The product detail in french is incomplete and does not indicate that tthe adapter is not included.

User Brimstone

That is very possible. On the german page it clearly states that the DC-Adapter is optional. Some things sometimes don't get translated at all. Digitec/Galaxus is mainly german operated based in Zurich.

There is no indication here that it is the Bluetooth version. The images would show the Bluetooth logo on the product itself and the product no. would be different aswell.


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