• Gasgelenk W+T Halter (Tisch, 49")
  • Gasgelenk W+T Halter (Tisch, 49")
  • Gasgelenk W+T Halter (Tisch, 49")
CHF 290.–
Multibrackets Gasgelenk W+T Halter (Tisch, 49")

Frage zu Multibrackets Gasgelenk W+T Halter (Tisch, 49")

User Moira Brülisauer

According to the manufacturer, the product should work as long as the monitor weighs at least 2kg, maximum 10kg. products.multibrackets.com/...

In the following video it is shown where the monitor holder is adjusted with an L-key as desired. This should actually be included in the delivery: youtube.com/watch?v=LGxgDuz...

Here is the manual: info.multibrackets.com/data...

If parts are not included and it still does not work with a monitor weighing more than 2 kg, the product may be defective. In this case, contact the customer service.

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User cristianciortea

There are multiple shock absorbers, this model is for minimum 9KG max 18KG :) so i had to attach some weights to the monitor but now it's okayish.

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