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  • WXA-50 (Netzwerk-Receiver)
  • WXA-50 (Netzwerk-Receiver)
  • WXA-50 (Netzwerk-Receiver)
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Yamaha WXA-50 (Netzwerk-Receiver)

Frage zu Yamaha WXA-50 (Netzwerk-Receiver)

User Shakendhra

Hi Everyone,

I have recently bought this streaming amp. Hooked it up and everything is working well thus far.
I have tried it on a few of my speakers (Focal Aria 906, Focal 826 VW, Yamaha NSPB 401 and now paired with Yamaha NX-E700) the sounds seems reasonably good considering the size. The only thing I have noticed is the Amp runs pretty hot - is that normal??

I have tried it at low volume and then at 75%, on both occasions it runs very hot irrespective of level. Thanks to advise if any one has experience with this amp and should I be worried if my unit is just acting up. In reading reviews online users do mention it gets warm, however folks perception of warm varies and I think it’s hot :-).

Thanks much and have a good one all!


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User versale86

The WXA-50 is a Class D amplifier thus is very compact in form. However one downside to most Class Ds is heat generation. So it isn't abnormal that the WXA-50 gets literally hot to the touch, my unit gets hot after a while as well.

There are couple ways to make sure that it never overheats to a degree of breaking:

1. Make sure to never cover up the ventilation holes on the sides and on the top.
2. In the web control screen, under settings 2, turn on Auto Power Standby and set it to 20 minutes to allow the unit to auto shut down if no audio signal is detected and get some cooling.
3. Under same settings 2, set the fan mode to On or Auto, believe it or not there is a little fan inside this amplifier but it's off on default, and I suggest turning it on, since it's not audible at all when the fan is running but helps quite a bit with the heat.

I hope my tips could help you a bit so that your unit stays cool and live a long life :)

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