• KS85M Party Cooler (90l)
  • KS85M Party Cooler (90l)
  • KS85M Party Cooler (90l)
CHF 239.–
Kibernetik KS85M Party Cooler (90l)

Frage zu Kibernetik KS85M Party Cooler (90l)

User Christian Walker

If you want to exempt your order from VAT, you can request the Tax Free form when you pick it up at the shop, provided that the following conditions are met:

-The amount of the order must be at least 300 CHF.
-Your residence must be outside Switzerland.
-The purchased goods must be exported within 30 days from the date of purchase.
-The goods must be intended for private use or as a gift.

If the conditions are met, you can have the form filled out by us in the shop and take it with you. You can present the form to customs, who will confirm and stamp the export. Attention: The associated invoices must also be stamped by customs. The refund will then be made via Global Blue.

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