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laptop harddisk physical size issue

i want to upgrade my hp laptop hard disk with following size description

Supports 6.35-cm (2.5-in) SATA hard drives in 9.5-mm (.37-in) and 7.0-mm (.28-in) thicknesses

but WD BLUE mobile
Product dimensions i
Length 10 cm Width 7 cm Height 0.95 cm


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im pretty sure 2.5" form factor is normed and should be identical for all drives except height which can vary but is either 9.5mm or 7mm so yes absolutely it should fit just fine. do you really need the 1Gb capacity? if not might i suggest a 2.5" SSD instead should improve your performance considerably.

loicschneidervor etwa einem Jahr
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Height 0.95cm is equal to the 9.5mm thickness. So yes it should fit with no problem.
But like said before, maybe you could consider a SSD, they are typically 7.5mm thick so should fit with no problem and are silent and a lot faster than HDD ;-)

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The search options and descriptions could be better. If I use the filter, I can select 1000-1999 and 3000 and up, but then I do not get the 2000 GB. And I cannot search for thickness. The bigger disks get listed as notebook, but is 1.5 cm thick. And in description, some are listed in mm and others in cm.
The search should cover all range of size in GB and thickness!

dearheartvor 11 Monaten
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