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  • MDR-RF855RK (Over-Ear, Schwarz)
  • MDR-RF855RK (Over-Ear, Schwarz)
  • MDR-RF855RK (Over-Ear, Schwarz)
CHF 76.10
Sony MDR-RF855RK (Over-Ear, Schwarz)

Bewertung zu Sony MDR-RF855RK (Over-Ear, Schwarz).

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MDR-RF855RK (Over-Ear, Schwarz)

Used for 6 years or more

Great Sound, comfortable, however after long use (I had mine 6 years) the plastic cushion on the ear covers is worn and cracked and falling to pieces. However for this price I can't really complain. Functionally they are still working perfectly. If only it wasn't for the mess the ear covers make. So I'm looking for a replacement pair and will stick with Sony.
(Additionally I can also confirm the noise that is reported from another reviewer. I only hear this if the sound if input from a TV source is silent (i.e. the TV is turned off) After a few minutes the headphones beep. I think it's designed as a mechanism that they should be returned to the charger as they no longer receive input.
These last about 6 to 7 hours on a single charge.


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