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OEM PC Headset 960 USB (USB, Kabel)
CHF 35.–
Logitech OEM PC Headset 960 USB (USB, Kabel)

Bewertung zu Logitech OEM PC Headset 960 USB (USB, Kabel).

User nvidia_corp
OEM PC Headset 960 USB (USB, Kabel)


Logitech had the brilliant idea of halving the manufacturing costs of their headset and the quality has changed accordingly. While the predecessor of this headset has lasted me many years, this one is starting to fail already after about a month of use and being dropped a few times; it is absolutely flimsy. Most problematic is the volume control and mute button that is located on the chord, which accidentally mutes you every time it bumps against the table, and the volume sporadically changes when the cable is twisted.

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