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  • HD 700 (Over-Ear, Schwarz)
  • HD 700 (Over-Ear, Schwarz)
CHF 501.–
Sennheiser HD 700 (Over-Ear, Schwarz)

Bewertung zu Sennheiser HD 700 (Over-Ear, Schwarz).

User GloverCarvalho
HD 700 (Over-Ear, Schwarz)


I've been using mines for a year now with a Project Sunrise III from Garage 1217 as an amp, and I'm definitely not disappointed. They sound tremendous with everything I throw at them except for some bass heavy songs, I personally find that the bass isn't deep enough sometimes, however mediums are on par with the HD800 even if the highs are a bit rolled off in comparison. The sound is very flat, a bit warm, I love it ! But they definitely need a good source, FLAC format or similar, and need to be at a high volume to shine.

I can't stop recommending them. If you're looking for an affordable HiFi pair of headphones, you just found them !
But it's not worth upgrading from let's say a pair of HD600 or HD650 in case you already own them.


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