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Car Holder
CHF 25.80
XQISIT Car Holder

Bewertung zu XQISIT Car Holder.

User coos.adriaanse

The Xqisit is a solid mobile phone kit and it stic...

The Xqisit is a solid mobile phone kit and it sticks well to the car window without wobbling.

The added connector for on the ventilator is rather flimsy and (as a test only) I did not manage to get it fixed solidly to it: it rattled a bit.

I bought the car kit for my Nokia 925 phone for which it is supposed to be suitable (Xqisit web-site). However, the right grip touches the on-off button of the phone so will (when attaching the phone) switch the screen off (not the phone itself). A light press on the holder is sufficient to get the screen back up again, so really not an issue, but I thought it should not happen.

Overall, also given the price, really worth it when attaching it to the window.

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