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  • EH416 (DLP, Full HD, 4200lm, 2.24:1)
  • EH416 (DLP, Full HD, 4200lm, 2.24:1)
  • EH416 (DLP, Full HD, 4200lm, 2.24:1)
CHF 999.–
Optoma EH416 (DLP, Full HD, 4200lm, 2.24:1)

Bewertung zu Optoma EH416 (DLP, Full HD, 4200lm, 2.24:1).

User md23ch
EH416 (DLP, Full HD, 4200lm, 2.24:1)

The projector is worth the money

The projector Optoma EH416 is great. The picture is sharp and colours are very much realistic.
I had difficulties to find on the market a projector in this price range which could allow the optical image size adjusted in such a big range. I am very much satisfied with it. The built in loudspeaker does not give much sound but I use anyhow the stereo for better sound effects. I have also used the projector with attached computer and power point presentation. The Optoma Remote controller has built-in laser pointer which helps very much for such presentations. The micro-usb connector allows the connection to the computer. In such a configuration the Optoma Remote control could be used to navigate through the presentation without the necessity to use the computer mouse or the touch pad.

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