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  • High Speed HDMI Switch
  • High Speed HDMI Switch
  • High Speed HDMI Switch
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Delock High Speed HDMI Switch

Bewertung zu Delock High Speed HDMI Switch.

User hawkroad
High Speed HDMI Switch

Spend a little more and get something that works.

It didn't work. Connected 1 HDMI cable to my Mac Mini into the Switch, connected 2 other HDMI cables out to my TV and monitor...nothing happened. Could not select the input with the remote control or manually. Could not see a signal on the TV or computer monitor.

I tried every combination of inputs and outputs...the closest I got to something happening was when I plugged the Mac Mini in as an Input and used the single Output connection out to the monitor. A blue light flickered and flashed, but still nothing happened...no signal, the remote didn't work, nothing. I threw the box and receipt away earlier (how could such a simple device not work and need to be returned? I thought), and now I'm on here shopping for a new HDMI switch.

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