• Touch Lux 4 (6", 8GB)
  • Touch Lux 4 (6", 8GB)
  • Touch Lux 4 (6", 8GB)
PocketBook Touch Lux 4 (6", 8GB)

Bewertung zu PocketBook Touch Lux 4 (6", 8GB).

User pathigar87

Slow and annoying software

Several problems to connect to W-LAN that means continuous re-connections and logging requirements.

I was unable to connect to my cloud to download my texts or ebooks.

Several problems to connect via usb to my laptop. In the end I was unable to load the books/texts I wanted.

The software is extremely slow.

Library explorer is excessively and unnecessary complex. I just wanted to see my folders a where to store my books. I don't want to dive every time through the virtual library of books in which I am not interested. And even less use the already short storage capacity to store the hugh default library.

Worst product I've ever purchased. With that price, I felt truly fooled by this company. I lost too much time trying to solve the thousend issues.

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