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  • Move (Analoguhr, Connected Watch, 38mm)
  • Move (Analoguhr, Connected Watch, 38mm)
  • Move (Analoguhr, Connected Watch, 38mm)
CHF 74.30
Withings Move (Analoguhr, Connected Watch, 38mm)

Bewertung zu Withings Move (Analoguhr, Connected Watch, 38mm).

User mircea
Move (Analoguhr, Connected Watch, 38mm)

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Looks nice, but is unfortunately really poorly built. The crystal (transparent external part on top of the dial) is made of really soft plastic and scuffed just from general use, rubbing against a jacket, within a couple of weeks. Sleep tracking is imperfect to say the least - since it only relies on movement, rather than heart rate, it's completely off sometimes. It also doesn't support "polyphasic sleep", as in, if you wake up for a bit then go back to sleep, it'll only track one "period" of sleep.
The step counter is decent. Doesn't align well with any other step counting device I have, but that's to be expected, it's imperfect everywhere.
It is pretty nice-looking though, if you replace the cheapo silicone strap with a nicer one, and ... ignore the scuff marks on the crystal.

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