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  • SRS-ZR5 (Schwarz, Bluetooth, NFC)
  • SRS-ZR5 (Schwarz, Bluetooth, NFC)
  • SRS-ZR5 (Schwarz, Bluetooth, NFC)
Sony SRS-ZR5 (Schwarz, Bluetooth, NFC)

Bewertung zu Sony SRS-ZR5 (Schwarz, Bluetooth, NFC).

User jaster18
SRS-ZR5 (Schwarz, Bluetooth, NFC)


Purchased to add wireless surround with HT-XT3 soundbase (turns out HT-XT3 doesn't support this feature yet hope firmware update will change it at some point). Sound quality pretty decent and ability to use in multi room setup definitely a plus. Bit pricey and not as easy to use as Sonos (but support Bluetooth hence the choice)


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