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  • Strix Dsp (Over-Ear)
  • Strix Dsp (Over-Ear)
  • Strix Dsp (Over-Ear)
ASUS Strix Dsp (Over-Ear)

Bewertung zu ASUS Strix Dsp (Over-Ear).

User TeKGeniu
Strix Dsp (Over-Ear)

Product great, but Asus is loosing seriousness...

After viewing how I assigned the stars for the valuation, you're probably thinking that I am stupid... so let me explain.

Overall, the product is great.
The audio quality is pleasant but not what I was expecting from a 100+ fr headset. Anyway it improoved enough from my old headset, so I am happy anyway (I had a mad catz freq 5, that costs the same but the audio quality is worse than this one).
I really like the design, the headset has some good details.
It is really REALLY comfy, it weights a bit but you don't feel it while you're wearing it, it's just incredible. You can wear it hours and hours without problems.
The mic... oh my god. Despite the fact that lot of reviews are saying it is good, I can't find good settings... it is a bit crappy, and with the ENC system on, the situation is even worse. And that's a huge problem for me, because sometimes I hit competitive matches, and I can't play with a "sh*t" like that.
In game the sound immersion is good. The chance to change eq from the audio station is great, because I play lot of different game-types.

Now, you're wondering why I rated this with 2 stars. Here we go:
The headset arrived with a crack in the mount. I never saw something like this from Asus, and I'm really disappointed. If it had been just for this, I would have just though that I've been a bit unlucky and nothing more. But that's not all. After 2 months, the "speakers" output of the audio station stopped working (or it makes a high noise). And after 5 (now) the basses are completely gone. Again because of the audio station (i tried the headset from the phone and it works fine).
So, I paid more from the normal version to have this station, and it has all the problems I can think... That's a shame, I'm really disappointed, Never though Asus could do something like that.


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