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  • H100i v2 (5.50cm)
  • H100i v2 (5.50cm)
  • H100i v2 (5.50cm)
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Corsair H100i v2 (5.50cm)

Bewertung zu Corsair H100i v2 (5.50cm).

User timkad77
H100i v2 (5.50cm)

Pricy, but effective for slightly overclocked setups

I'm using it on i7-4790 at 4.4 GHz. It is a good replacement for stock intel coolers. Not an extreme cooling solution, unless you are comfortable with full power fan noise. Manual could be more helpful. It is suggesting first to install radiator inside the case and then fans on it - it is not a best guidance. It is much easier to install fans on the radiator, and then install it inside the case. Also, installation steps could indicate how to align the fans to have proper air flow, rather than finding this information in the FAQ at the end of the manual.


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