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  • Companion 20
  • Companion 20
  • Companion 20
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Bose Companion 20

Bewertung zu Bose Companion 20.

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Phenomenal no-setup desktop speakers

These are some very solid desktop speakers that are of premium craftsmanship. Everything feels great to the touch and is pleasant to use.

I keep my PC volume at 50% and use the desktop dial to alter the volume. The dial is analog, which means that the volume changes without any steps. This makes it very pleasant to adjust the volume ever so slightly.

I find the feature to mute extremely useful; if I need to take a call quickly, it's extremely convenient to tap the dial.

The dial is also a nifty location to plug in headphones or provide line-in audio (which plays audio from there instead of the PC). It's solid and has some weight to it, and it never slides around on my desk.

Of course you can attack the 3.5mm jack to something else than a PC, but the dial is really intended to be placed on a desk.

Sound quality is superb, well beyond my expectations! Sometimes I wish I could conveniently turn down the bass a little, which is unfortunately not possible on the speakers themselves; I have to alter my PC settings to do so.

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