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U11 Life (5.20", 32GB, 16MP, Brilliant Black)
CHF 348.–
HTC U11 Life (5.20", 32GB, 16MP, Brilliant Black)

Bewertung zu HTC U11 Life (5.20", 32GB, 16MP, Brilliant Black).

User samitmyyooo
U11 Life (5.20", 32GB, 16MP, Brilliant Black)

Performance is Average/ neutral.

Stylish design, inbuilt features, external look, Image quality are good. But the back panel seems to be Bulge and feels like plastic . Example for this plastic panel feel is : I am not sure about the material used to build, but You can feel the ringer sound in hand when you keep your fingers in backside panel even though you reduce the call volume. In two weeks time of my purchase, i faced two problems. 1. When i start my phone after my purchase first time, phone hang up for one hours+ , then i rectified through comments from google. 2. Selfie camera was not working 2 days before, after the update its working and takes time to save/store So overall experience about the phone is Average not fair. All my comments are with respect to Phone model only. Digitec is good :)


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