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TitanShield  (1Stück, iPhone 7)
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eSTUFF TitanShield (1Stück, iPhone 7)

Bewertung zu eSTUFF TitanShield (1Stück, iPhone 7).

User mono_toy
TitanShield (1Stück, iPhone 7)

not sure this helps from dropping the phone. Ok I guess for having it together with a keyring in the pocket.

not too happy.

probably tough material
excellent cleaning gear (microfiber/dust, alc. tissue/fingerprints, sticker/remaining dust)
about 2mm smaller than even the border of the apple silicon case
adhesive doesn't go to the borders
because of small size, annoying reflections on borders of glass
0.3mm is a lot if it ends ways away from the frame of the display

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