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  • BeatsX (In-Ear, Blau)
  • BeatsX (In-Ear, Blau)
  • BeatsX (In-Ear, Blau)
CHF 124.–
Beats BeatsX (In-Ear, Blau)

Bewertung zu Beats BeatsX (In-Ear, Blau).

User davreke11
BeatsX (In-Ear, Blau)

Not recommended for sport activities. They way they look is a bit dissapointing.

The earphones look far better in the pictures than how they look in reality. They doesn't seem to be elegant or stylish. For sport purposes they are heavy and they don't hold to the ear as well they should.
On the other hand, the sound is good, the package contains multiple ear adaptors and the price is acceptable.

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