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  • Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)
  • Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)
  • Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)
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Intenso Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)

Bewertung zu Intenso Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0).

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Speed Line (128GB, USB 3.0)

No USB 3.0 speed!!!

It has USB 3.0 interface but doesn't use the maximal speed. Maximal write speed is only 50MB/s.
I measured it in a working USB3 port with Usb Flash Benchmark (usbflashspeed.com/)

So that's a pure marketing things:
-Yes it is recognized by the PC as USB3 as it use USB3 driver
-NO it doesn't have USB3 speed!!!


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