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  • S300
CHF 250.–
Nitro Concepts S300

Bewertung zu Nitro Concepts S300.

User rogermorse

No problems

First review on Digitec, I make it because this product has practically none. This is also my first 'real' gaming chair. Totally worth the money. If you check Ikea, most chairs will cost the same (or even more) and will be not nearly as comfortable / adjustable / nice as this one. I don't think I can feel unsatisfied with this product. I chose cloth over leather mainly because I am sure in summer with shorts I would get sweaty on the (fake) leather, and also because if my cats do some mess, it will be much bigger on leather than on cloth. That said, both my cats completely ignored the chair till now (months of use)....no scratches, probably because the chair has a shape they don't like and because of wheels it moves if they try to touch it. Don't know. Very nice chair, for PC gaming a chair like this is a must (I wanted completely individually adjustable armrests). Very solid chair.


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