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  • Heos 3 HS2 (Schwarz, Bluetooth)
  • Heos 3 HS2 (Schwarz, Bluetooth)
  • Heos 3 HS2 (Schwarz, Bluetooth)
CHF 349.–
Denon Heos 3 HS2 (Schwarz, Bluetooth)

Bewertung zu Denon Heos 3 HS2 (Schwarz, Bluetooth).

User holmbejo
Heos 3 HS2 (Schwarz, Bluetooth)

Nice product, a nightmare to install...

Great product, great sound for our fitness room. A real nightmare to install on wifi. I spent hours trying to connect it to the network. Nothing worked until I changed from WEP to WPA protection. That WEP is not working is nowhere mentioned.

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