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Xtand Go Z1
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Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1

Bewertung zu Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1.

User mccreigh
Xtand Go Z1

Nearly perfect simple car phone holder.

I bought a Just Mobile Xtand Go Z1 after reading a forum of Chevrolet Volt owners who discussed the best phone holder for its rather unusual dashboard. They thought it was the best they had seen, and I agree with them. The package consists of a dual hinge-pivot mechanism, a spring-loaded phone holder arm, an adjustable suction cup, and several small buttons with 3M adhesive pads on one side. At each of its two ends the hinge-pivot mechanism can capture or release a button, the suction cup, or the phone holder arm. Cleverly hidden within the mechanism is an Allen wrench (Hexkantschlüssel) with which you can adjust the friction of the two hinges and two pivots exactly as you want it: not too loose and not too tight.


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