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USB Dock für Canon EF-Bajonett (Dockingstation)
CHF 55.–
Sigma USB Dock für Canon EF-Bajonett (Dockingstation)

Bewertung zu Sigma USB Dock für Canon EF-Bajonett (Dockingstation).

User guillaume.kaufmann
USB Dock für Canon EF-Bajonett (Dockingstation)

Mandatory with wide aperture lenses

When I discovered that my new Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 DC HSM ART had some issue with back focus, I was tempted to return it. However, I decided to try this dock before. Let's say it, it's a really good idea from Sigma. It does not only allow you to fix this kind of problem, but it allows you to have a perfectly calibrated lens, which is not that common! Indeed, after this episode, I discovered that none of my canon lenses was perfectly calibrated . It was just not visible because none of these lenses were open at f/1.8.

It's a must have with any wide aperture sigma lens.


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