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  • 3D Glass (1Stück, P20 Pro)
  • 3D Glass (1Stück, P20 Pro)
  • 3D Glass (1Stück, P20 Pro)
CHF 35.80
Eiger 3D Glass (1Stück, P20 Pro)

Bewertung zu Eiger 3D Glass (1Stück, P20 Pro).

User dejavu92
3D Glass (1Stück, P20 Pro)

Just don't buy that screen protector. Very bad one.

Bought this at a local shop because it was the only alternative.
The fitting is not perfect, it's a bit too big for the display.
Plus it has a really reflective surface and under the sunlight is almost impossible to see the screen.
The worst part, is that the thickness affects the touch experience. The touch display doesn't work as good as it should with that cover on it.


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