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  • Wake-Up Light HF3520
  • Wake-Up Light HF3520
  • Wake-Up Light HF3520
CHF 101.–
Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520

Bewertung zu Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520.

User Martin.Benninger

I recommend this to anyone who dislikes being jarred out of the dark abyss of sleep by the terrifying sound of an alarm every morning.

It makes waking up in the morning more of a process rather than a sudden action. It doesn’t fix all of your morning problems though. If you didn’t get enough sleep you’ll still be tired and such. But it does what it claims and does it well.

The main downside is the price. You might think that an alarm clock that doubles as a bedside lamp isn’t worth 100 CHF. and for many people I imagine it won’t be. But for me it is. I’ll definitely be keeping this product for some time.

I recommend it to those who feel the need to improve their waking experience and are not afraid to pay a bit to try something new.

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