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  • Tinker Board (RK3288)
  • Tinker Board (RK3288)
  • Tinker Board (RK3288)
CHF 74.–
ASUS Tinker Board (RK3288)

Bewertung zu ASUS Tinker Board (RK3288).

User Lord_Bender
Tinker Board (RK3288)

Great product, needs community to keep it going

Found this forum, which isnt Asus official tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/
Debian runs super fast from boot up, No problem installing, brought the Samsung Evo card at the same time
Make sure you install heat sync as can get a little hot when running some applications

Support community is still a little lacking from Asus but will hold judgment until official launch
Seems Switzerland and UK got first allocation

Good competitor to Raspberry PI and great that all accessories work. 2GB of ram is really welcome

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