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Edge 520 HR (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin))
CHF 299.–
Garmin Edge 520 HR (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin))

Bewertung zu Garmin Edge 520 HR (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin)).

User al.orders
Edge 520 HR (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin))

Great features, shame about the button positioning.

Great connectivity, shame about the buttons. Downloading apps is easy and useful, but as these come via Garmin Express this then stopped me syncing my Forerunner 910 XT which doesn't support apps. After much hassle I found how to delete the apps from the sync queue, but Garmin could make this an easier process.

Bluetooth link to phone
Strava integration (with Strava Premium)
Customisable screens
Additional apps available
The position of the buttons, quite counter-intuitive to me
Downloading apps may cause problem with syncing older Garmin devices.

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