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iPhone 6 (4.70", 64GB, 8MP, Silver)
CHF 598.40
Apple iPhone 6 (4.70", 64GB, 8MP, Silver)

Bewertung zu Apple iPhone 6 (4.70", 64GB, 8MP, Silver).

User mlok09
iPhone 6 (4.70", 64GB, 8MP, Silver)

Good dimensions and performance

I don't have anything to complain about the iPhone. But I was a little annoyed at the delivery of Galaxus, of my iPhone. The iPhone was sent on a particularly rainy and misty day. Because of the weather, and me picking up the package from my mailbox late in the night, water had somehow seeped inside the package and covered the phone with a thin layer of moisture.

I aired the phone at once, opening the package and then was a bit skeptical if it would have been damaged. But so far it is working fine (phone bought in February)

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