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  • Index-Smart Waage (Android, iOS)
  • Index-Smart Waage (Android, iOS)
  • Index-Smart Waage (Android, iOS)
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Garmin Index-Smart Waage (Android, iOS)

Bewertung zu Garmin Index-Smart Waage (Android, iOS).

User colinrsmith
Index-Smart Waage (Android, iOS)

Garmin Index - cannot recommend, find an alternative like the Nokia Body+

Unreliable and inaccurate - I have had this scale for 2 years and over the past year it has significantly degraded in performance. Weight fluctuates wildly despite resetting the scale. Device constantly times out trying to connect to Garmin and so can't upload new data to the app. I would not recommend. I have just purchased the Nokia Body+ to test that.


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