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  • Crossfade M-100 (Over-Ear, Shadow)
  • Crossfade M-100 (Over-Ear, Shadow)
  • Crossfade M-100 (Over-Ear, Shadow)
CHF 226.–
V-Moda Crossfade M-100 (Over-Ear, Shadow)

Bewertung zu V-Moda Crossfade M-100 (Over-Ear, Shadow).

User Anonymous
Crossfade M-100 (Over-Ear, Shadow)

Fun sound but not accurate

I use sennheiser HD25 since 1994 but I wanted to change after 22years of them (1x10 1x12years old!)
I listen mostly to house,electro,techno but also metal,gothic,punk,hip-hop,anime soundtracks, movie soundtracks etc...as long as it's good I listen to it
Oh I also play video games with them, like battlefield 4.

For an audio professional or (home)DJ I do not recommend them, it's like having a heavy filter on the sound you do not hear the real music but a distorted version of your tracks.
For someone that simply wants to listen to bass heavy music they are good, it's almost like being in a club or in a car with a subwoofer.
If your music source as a an equalizer even better, I used my computer soundcard control panel to raise everything from 1 to 16Khz to get my mids and high back.

- Sennheiser HD25 = real sound with weak basses, you will probably need a headphone amplifier because they are 70 Ohm (if they start to saturate your source can't drive them properly)
- V-Moda Crossfade = heavy basses,no mids barely any highs, a bit like having a subwoofer on your ears really, strangely they work better on portable players or computers without a dedicated soundcard or headphone amplifier.

I only rated them 4 stars because headphones that REQUIRE an equalizer to have an acceptable sound for 300CHF is not ok for me.
The sound is 5/5 only if you can equalize it, if not I would give it a 3 :/


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