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  • Edge 520 Plus (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin))
  • Edge 520 Plus (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin))
  • Edge 520 Plus (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin))
CHF 303.–
Garmin Edge 520 Plus (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin))

Bewertung zu Garmin Edge 520 Plus (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin)).

User simonriise
Edge 520 Plus (vorinstallierte Basiskarte (Garmin))

From the Garmin models currently on sale I would recommend this one as the best buy.

If you don't need the touchscreen then no need to get the Edge 820 - this works brilliantly! I'm very happy and would definitely recommend it. No wifi but the bluetooth upload is very quick (3-5 secs) and routing+mapping is the same as the expensive models!
If you need the stated 15 hours of battery life then this only works doing recording but no routing - if you have the map on and following a route then I would estimate you get 5-6 hours (but this is no different to the more expensive models).
Route calculation is indeed slow - likely 3 mins for a 100km route... but this doesn't really disturb me as I always know where to go for the first part anyway - and you can just start recording and then then immediately set off while it's still calculating the route. I found re-calculating when you deviate fine at 5-10 sec in the cases I had.
If you need 15 hours you need to turn light down, backlight to 15 sec (minimum), glonass off, bluetooth off, beeping off - but then you will also get your 15 hours! And when doing larger breaks then just pause and then power it completely off - you can resume when powering on again.


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