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  • iRig MIX (Battlemixer)
  • iRig MIX (Battlemixer)
  • iRig MIX (Battlemixer)
CHF 72.90statt vorher 92.901
IK Multimedia iRig MIX (Battlemixer)

Bewertung zu IK Multimedia iRig MIX (Battlemixer).

User ralphcarter
iRig MIX (Battlemixer)

For the price, it’s great.

For the price, it’s great. My use case, electric guitar and a laptop running Guitar Pro 7. I want to mix them together, this does the job nicely. I am using AmpliTube on my iPad for Guitar FX so I’m using an iRig HD2 also with this, connected using the lightning port on the iPad. The headphone out of the iRig goes into input1 on the mixer, laptop headphone out goes into input2 on the mixer. The noteable point here is that if you are using a modern iPhone or iPad for your guitar FX, you will need a lightning connector, and this doesn’t come with the iRig MIX. Basically, I’m not using the guitar/instrument input on the mixer because I cannot then use the connection from input1 to the iPhone as it is a lightning connector.
Anyway, I’m very happy with the overall result, very easy to use.

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