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  • LX Monitor-Arm (Tisch, 1, 32")
  • LX Monitor-Arm (Tisch, 1, 32")
  • LX Monitor-Arm (Tisch, 1, 32")
CHF 147.–
Ergotron LX Monitor-Arm (Tisch, 1, 32")

Bewertung zu Ergotron LX Monitor-Arm (Tisch, 1, 32").

User jordanmeek
LX Monitor-Arm (Tisch, 1, 32")


I couldn't ask for anything more of this arm, it is very high quality. Something interesting I didn't consider before buying it is that the desk you use should be as stable as possible. I'm using an Ikea desk and small vibrations from typing can cause the screen to shake a little. I would not say it's because of the arm, but rather the desk.


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