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  • BF 710 (Android, iOS)
  • BF 710 (Android, iOS)
  • BF 710 (Android, iOS)
CHF 48.–
Beurer BF 710 (Android, iOS)

Bewertung zu Beurer BF 710 (Android, iOS).

User Anonymous
BF 710 (Android, iOS)

Elegant, cheap, respects privacy, a rare product

I looked long and hard for a scale which
a) keeps data from each person hidden from other persons
b) does not require an online account and does not send data to the cloud
c) is compatible with OpenScale in order to be able to download the data to my PC (vendor apps almost never allow exports)

There are very few scales which meet these criteria, and this Beurer BF 710 was the least expensive. Beurer BF scales also have good test ratings.

Note that the app does not allow you to export your data. Also whatever data you enter (e.g. what you ate, how much you exercised) just sits there, it is not used to compute anything. I suggest to install OpenScale (though the vendor app might be required for the initial setup).

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