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  • T51i (On-Ear, Black, SIlver)
  • T51i (On-Ear, Black, SIlver)
  • T51i (On-Ear, Black, SIlver)
CHF 250.–
Beyerdynamic T51i (On-Ear, Black, SIlver)

Bewertung zu Beyerdynamic T51i (On-Ear, Black, SIlver).

User SwissStu
T51i (On-Ear, Black, SIlver)

best headphones i ever bought

These are fantastic headphones for the price. very comfortable and look good. The head band is slightly sharp due to the metal finish but this is very minor.
Please note that although it is stated that these are compatible with Android phones the functionality is greatly reduced - such as the volume buttons do not work and on some phones the call pick up and drop button also does not work - depends on the OS and the application you are trying to use.


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