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  • Antiglare Filter (14", 16 : 9)
  • Antiglare Filter (14", 16 : 9)
CHF 38.20
Dicota Antiglare Filter (14", 16 : 9)

Bewertung zu Dicota Antiglare Filter (14", 16 : 9).

User stefanosch1
Antiglare Filter (14", 16 : 9)

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Fits perfectly the screen of the EliteBook 840 G3; its original screen is superglare but with this antiglare filter it becomes usable.
The plastic layer absolutely sticks to the screen.

I strongly recommend before starting the installation to:
1) Clean the table on which you apply the filter to the laptop.
2) Clean your (T-)shirt.
3) Wash your hands with soap.
I did not perform any of the above actions, therefore:
I was applying the filter on the screen and breathed once heavily => a particle flew from the table beneath the filter and another one from my T-shirt to the screen => I tried to get rid of them with my finger & blowing but it left semi-greasy streaks or made more stuff fly to the screen => had to work on all this for 20 minutes until the result was ok :)

You'll need an improvised semi-rigid-wide "spatula" to force out the air bubbles.

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