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Active Key (USB, CH, Kabel)
CHF 50.88
Active Key (USB, CH, Kabel)

Bewertung zu Active Key (USB, CH, Kabel).

User Kriburg

A good reliable and small Swiss Key board

A fine, reliable product, this the actually second one I bought to replace an poorly functional somewhat smaller Logi keyboard-to-go that was a very disappointingd. Remarkably my Logi Swiss key board was not entirely in the Swisskey layout !

I have had my older Active Key Board for quite a long time and it has always worked perfectly reliably. The major reason for my choice was the very limited desk space that it occupies. The fact it is USB rather than wireless is actually an advantage because of the unreliability of the wireless connections with some of my previous compact Logitech boards. Even after a number of years of heavy regular use, absolutely no problems

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