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  • Grabby USB2.0 (Diverses Video Zubehör)
  • Grabby USB2.0 (Diverses Video Zubehör)
CHF 43.–
Terratec Grabby USB2.0 (Diverses Video Zubehör)

Bewertung zu Terratec Grabby USB2.0 (Diverses Video Zubehör).

User jofo2345

A failure at every level

Installed the accompanying software for MAC OS users, which crippled my computer (had to restart twice before I could get my MAC functioning properly again). Then the software did not recognize its own hardware, said there was no digitizer connected, although the hardware was powered on and attached correctly. No support for this problem in the attached ReadMe file nor on the Terratec website. Finally ran the Uninstaller program, which failed: "Uninstall could not be completed." Had to manually get rid of it.

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