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hf5 (In-Ear, Black)
CHF 129.–
Etymotic hf5 (In-Ear, Black)

Bewertung zu Etymotic hf5 (In-Ear, Black).

User Craban
hf5 (In-Ear, Black)

- Very beautiful overall musical experience.
- Ma...

- Very beautiful overall musical experience.
- Make sure to get a decent player for these. Very important!
- You'll hear virtually no base at first, especially if you are used to the likes of sennheiser or other overbased pop type. (Its there, but its sooo different, that it takes some time to find it :)

- Plugs take some time to get used to.
- Good overall build quality. Cable is very soft and flexible.
- Not so sure about design - sticks quite far out from the ear (when its cold I wear a beanie and it slowly pushes the earbuds out. Didn't have that problem with any other earphones.)


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