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When buying light bulbs, we recommend looking out for energy efficiency and lifespan in addition to colour and power (watt):
LED bulbs are leading in terms of energy efficiency and lifespan. They are available with a screw base or pin base, which is why they can be used instead of regular light bulbs and halogen bulbs. Their energy efficiency and long lifespan make them the most sustainable and therefore the most beneficial for both the environment and your wallet. So it’s definitely worth exchanging your old bulbs for LEDs.
As their name suggests, energy-saving bulbs also save considerable amounts of energy compared to regular light bulbs and halogen lamps. However, they contain toxic mercury that may leak in the event of breakage.
In view of their luminous colour, we recommend low-voltage halogen bulbs for desk lamps and bedside lamps.

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User socken23

Suche LED-Ersatz für Leuchtstoffröhren

Habe zwei Leuchstoffröhren in der Küche verbaut, die ich gerne mit LED Röhren ersetzen möchte, finde aber nichts passendes. Aktuell sind folgende drin:
1. OSRAM L 16W/830M --> T8 / G13, 72cm lang
2. OSRAM L 8W/ 630M --> ca. 27.5cm lang, vermutlch T5 / G5 ?

Beide haben einen Starter. Was jemand, welche LED-Röhren hier passen würden?

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