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A barebone computer is a partially assembled platform or an unassembled kit of computer parts allowing more customization and lower costs than a retail computer system. They are available for desktop computer, notebook (see barebook) and server purposes, and in nearly any form factor. Manufacturers are also able to produce systems of a specialized or non-standard form factor, since the system is sold as a pre-built unit, with the motherboard and power supply already installed.more

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User pfoehr

Ersatz für ASRock Vision HT

Hallo miteinander
Was würdet Ihr mir als Ersatz für meinen ASRock Vision HT ( empfehlen? Ich schätze die Grösse (200x70x200mm) das DVD-Laufwerk, die vielen Anschlüsse (mind. 4xUSB hinten, 2 vorne), Slot für SD-Karten vorne und die Leistung. Aber nun scheint das Ende gekommen zu sein...
Danke für Eure Hilfe

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